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This site is a resource to aid the production of the Etranger website, which covers military aspects of the 2300AD RPG.

Orders of Battle

US Army Draft- by Jason Wesier
US Army Draft MTOE - by Jason Weiser
Marinha Brazilian Do Espašo - by Demetrios Rammos
Fuerza Espacial Argentina - by Demetrios Rammos
Confederation of Palestine Air Force - by Demetrios Rammos
Armenian Army - by Demetrios Rammos
French Armee de l'Airby Sean Nolan
Tanstaafl Militia: Confluence Commandoby James Boschma
Tomb Platoon: Texan Tunnel Clearance by James Boschma
Tasmanian Defence Force - - by Jeff Wheeler
Royal Netherlands Army 2303AD - - by Jeff Wheeler
Luxembourg 2300AD - - by Jeff Wheeler

Military Articles

The Vah in Battle -  by D Hebditch

Weapons, Vehicles and Equipment

DAF-MT multirole ACV transport - by Kaye
Small arms of the Netherlands armed forces - - by Jeff Wheeler

USSF Ships - by Bryn Monnery
Ships of the American Space Force - by Dave Malesevich
Antartida Class Destroyer -
 by J.C. Mena
Cuba Class Corvette -
 by J.C. Mena
Espora Class Frigate
 by J.C. Mena
Hercules Class Cruiser
 by J.C. Mena



Royal Navy/Fleet Air Arm recruiting poster- by D Hebditch
2300AD US Army Vehicle Guide cover - by Dave Malesevich 




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